Palanga University of the Third Age

Palanga University of the Third Adge – is not only a place where new knowledge can be acquired or deepened, but also a place where communication,

opportunities for self-expression and social, political and personal development are revealed.

Palanga U3A was established on October 1, 2012. The University has grown to 500 participants in recent years.

                                            Palanga U3A curator Inga Vaitkienė

                                            Phone: +370 620 96165

                                            Email: palangostau@gmail.com


All Palanga U3A participants study according to a common program. Lectures are given by scientists, andragogues, health care professionals, political scientists, archaeologists, painters, writers and others. We have lectures in contact and from 2020 remotely to o.

Seniors are also invited to take part in additional activities, which everyone can choose according to their interests.

Additional Activities in Palanga U3A

Dance group „Jūrė“

Leader Janina Serapinienė

Women’s Choir „Žara“

Leader Nijolė Petrauskienė



English Advanced Group ILecturer Doris Katzenstein

German Language Advanced GroupLecturer Asta Brazaitienė

Floristry classesLecturer Jurga Juknaitė

English Advanced Group IILecturer Jolanta Beitnaraitė

French Beginners GroupLecturer Živilė Vaičiūnienė

Theater studioLeader Rimtautė Radzevičienė

Jurates str. 11, Palanga