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About Us


A modern, informative, learning team of competent professionals, effectively helping educational institutions of the town and cooperating with other similar institutions.


Our mission is to assist learners, teachers and schools, to implement humanistic values in our activities, to provide accessible, professional, effective pedagogical and psychological counselling and assistance, to satisfy teachers’ needs for constant professional development and to disseminate the educators’ practice and experience.


  • To provide learners, teachers and schools with assistance in psychology, special pedagogy, information and methodology.
    • To provide psychological and special pedagogical counselling and assistance.
    • To organize and implement education and training regarding special educational issues.
  • To develop professional teacher training and disseminate the good practice and work experience among teachers.
    • To expand continuous professional development and teacher training.
    • To implement purposeful and consistent exchange and sharing of teachers’ work experience and practice.
    • To evaluate the efficiency of the feedback after the professional development events for training.
    • To create new learning environments with the help of new funding resources.
    • To apply modern information technologies in order to improve teacher training process.
  • To improve professional qualifications of the staff and expand cooperation.

Vasario 16-osios str. 6, Palanga